Welcome to my hockey website!

This is a site were I will share lots about hockey.

When I started hockey!

I first started playing hockey when I was 9 in year 4, and I loved it. I started of by playing for my school all the way till year 9. As well as playing for school in Year 9 I also played for a club, called Somerville. I love playing for both of these teams and I have met so many new people along the way.

CLick here to visit Somerville's hockey website!

Get started!

If you are interested in starting to play hockey, I highly recommend. It is a great sport and you will met so many new people along way. To get started visit the just hockey website linked below to purchase all the equipment you need to start playing. Some of the essentials you will need to get are, a hockey stick, mouth guard and shin pads. Once you get these things you are ready to go!

Click here to get everything you need to start playing!